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Security awareness training equips individuals within an organization—employees, contractors, temporary workers, or any other personnel engaged in authorized online activities—with essential knowledge. This knowledge empowers them to protect themselves and safeguard the organization's assets, minimizing the risk of damage or loss.

Awareness Training Brought to Life

Awareness Training Brought to Life offers interactive courses on safety, diversity, and compliance.









Security Awareness Training Features

Security awareness training equips all members of an organization, including employees, contractors, temporary workers, and anyone else engaging in authorized online functions, with the essential knowledge to protect themselves and safeguard the organization's assets against potential damage or loss.

Don't take the Bait

Dealing with the aftermath of a phishing attack demands significant time and money. Just one inadvertent click on a malicious link can jeopardize your entire network.

Ensure there's a robust reporting system in operation, and stress the vital importance of promptly reporting any suspected attacks to all employees. Train your staff to immediately contact the IT department upon encountering such incidents, enabling IT to respond swiftly and effectively. While regular scheduled training sessions are advisable, provide impromptu guidance to employees whenever a phishing attack arises.

Aware - Protecting Together

Aware provides organizations with a wide range of videos, interactive cybersecurity awareness content, and pre-designed modules to choose from. These training programs offer:

interactivity to ensure learners engage with the learning process.

customization options, allowing you to select themes and topics relevant to your industry and business culture.

expertly crafted in-house by experienced designers, utilizing best practices to effectively change behavior.

How "Aware" is Different?

Training Videos

The Aware Application allows your team to learn while on the move. Training plays a vital role in security awareness.


Aware empowers users to engage in live quiz sessions with their friends and colleagues.

Game Time

Using the Aware Application, quizzes can transform into company-wide competitions.

Leader Board

The Leader Board displays the leading teams or individuals in the competition.

Phishing Simulations

Aware offers a diverse range of Phishing Simulations to assess employees' vulnerability to social engineering attacks.


CheckAPhish assists you in gaining insight into your organization's risk behavior and assessing the overall risk levels across your user groups.

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